Uncompensated Slave Labor

Reparations Debt Clock on this platform is the present value of $4.4 billion, which represents the cumulative value of three (3) generations of slave (labor); this the reparation debt owed, using 5.32% US Treasury Bond interest rate in 1871, (see Shiller, R., U.S. Stock Price Data with Consumption, both short and Long Rates, 1871 to 2009. http://www.econ.yale.edu/~shiller/data.htm.).

The running debt clock on this platform is based on the cumulative value of slave labor from 1790, the year the United States began as a republic, to 1860. Interest on the cumulative value of slave labor for 4 million black slaves along with their descendants starts to run at the end of reconstruction in 1871 and based on U.S long bond interest rate in 1871.